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Malpractice Insurance

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Malpractice Insurance Information

Solid Protection With MedMal Insurance Tailored For Your Business

 The rising incidence of medical liability lawsuits, matched by increasing Medical Malpractice Insurance premiums, is a national concern and major headache for physicians and other health professionals.

It's not just because of the astronomical level of awards and settlements (more than $3.5 billion in 2012) but also because of the alarming number of spurious claims, which cost a fortune to defend, and the resulting stress and distraction these inflict on individuals and entire practices.

It's never been more important to secure the most effective and cost-competitive Medical Professional Liability Insurance in Virginia, so you can stay within budget and keep your focus on what matters most -- the well being of your patients and your practice.

Increasingly, individuals and groups throughout the US rely on Coverage Inc for their MedMal Insurance program.

Over many years, we've established a firm and enviable reputation for quality, value and service that few other specialist providers can match.

The Coverage Inc Medical Malpractice Insurance Difference

What distinguishes our agency from some other providers of MedMal coverage?

  • Our track record among a loyal and growing client list.
  • The depth of our expertise and the breadth of our experience across the entire US.
  • The scope of our coverage, including all specialties.
  • Coverage for multi-office, multi-state practices and hospitals, as well as individual practitioners, including both physicians and nurses.
  • Customized Medical Professional Liability Insurance plans built around the precise nature of your activities but flexible enough to protect you when the shape of your practice or its personnel change.
  • Our independence, which means we're not tied to a specific insurer and can secure the most competitive rates.
  • Our commitment to excellence, which means the highest standards of personal service and the establishment of a one-to-one relationship with clients.
  • Our continuous review of coverage needs and responsiveness to legislative change and judicial trends.
  • Our first class claims support service.

Superior Coverage For Your Business Or Practice

 Contrary to popular opinion, all insurance plans are not equal -- and even when coverage is the same, costs can vary widely from one insurer to the next.

In some cases, for example, rates for a specific specialty in a specific state can vary by up to 100 per cent from one insurer to another.

That makes it critical to shop around for the best value as well as coverage. But why should you do that when you have an urgent and critical job to do, while there are independent experts like Coverage Inc who can do that research on your behalf?

Our MedMal Insurance professionals in Virginia monitor the market constantly and work with you to secure a budget-conscious protection plan that is customized to your specific needs.

This means that even if you already have a policy, you may find that we can provide you with more effective protection at a significantly lower cost.

Your Free Medical Professional Liability Insurance Quote

We want to save you time as well as money. You can solve both challenges by using our Free Quote service on this page. We'll do the legwork.

If you already have a plan, our experts will happily review it for you, again at no cost, to ensure you're getting best value and are properly protected.

There's absolutely no obligation for these services, so you have nothing to lose. Put us to the test right now by clicking the Free Quote request button an d find out how you could be better served at a lower cost. We believe you won't be disappointed.
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