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Kadey Krogen Insurance Information

Kadey-Krogen: A Legendary Name In Yachting

Kadey-Krogen Yachts has been building some of the world's most beautiful yachts since 1976. Krogen built 206 of the legendary 42' inaugural model- a model that set the standard for the many yachts and trawlers that have followed. Each subsequent model has been built upon the firm foundation established those many decades ago with that original classic design. The Kadey-Krogen Full displacement hulls are designed and have a strong reputation for comfort and a gentle sea kindliness. The model line has increased to currently include a 44, 48, 52, 55 and 58 with larger models on the drawing board including an 80 foot model. The recent introduction of the "AE" series for Advance Ergonomics has only increased the livability of the yachts- they are truly a comfortable traveling home.

Risks Peculiar To The Yacht or Trawler Owner

Trawler yachts travel at a relatively slow pace, allowing one the time to enjoy the ride with an increased level of comfort. Given that most travel in the 6-10 knot range, "running from a storm or running from heavy weather " is not always an option so it's very important to have developed a storm plan of steps to take in the event the trawler will see heavy or severe weather. The steps could vary, depending on the severity of the weather, and be as simple as securing canvass and adding double lines to having a pre-established agreement for putting the boat "on the hard" in a hurricane rated shelter. Seasoned owners have developed a keen eye for weather and have a predetermined plan for keeping the boat and crew safe. These are considerably heavy boats and unlike trailerable boats, are not easily moved. This is why storm planning for the intended area to be navigated is so important. Many trawler owners chase the warmer weather by traveling to southern waters during our winter months to bask in the warm rays. Then it's traveling back north to avoid storm season in those same southern waters. For many people, this allows year round enjoyment of their trawler so that winterizing them is not needed.

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